Full Event Guide

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Download the Full Event Guide to see how you can:

  • Benchmark Best Practices – Listen to industry leaders as they reveal the most pioneering methodologies, tools and techniques to optimize prefabrication and modularization and improve efficiency, mitigate risks, prevent schedule delays and control costs.
  • Real Life Success Stories – Listen to in-depth insights on the successes of projects developed by your peers and the lessons they have learned to understand and overcome limitations associated with prefabrication for biopharma facilities.
  • Network with Potential Project Partners - Collaboration is at the core of what we do: bringing targeted communities together and creating networking opportunities will help accelerate your next project with expert partners.
  • Advance Collaboration from Day One – Partnering with all project partners from the initial stages and advancing early procurement is key: Walk away with actionable insights on how to improve coordination with all teams and suppliers to guarantee success.

This online platform allows not only remote presentations but also live Q&A, live breakout discussions among delegates, 1-2-1 chatting between individuals, a virtual exhibition space, and other networking features.