Conference Day One

* Please note that the following agenda timings are Eastern Time.  

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Day One

Tuesday March 30, 2021

11:30 am Coffee & Networking


This is your opportunity to set up calls, join virtual coffee mornings and network with your peers.

12:00 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks


12:10 pm Building the Business Case for Pursuing Offsite Opportunities for Biopharma Facilities to Secure Full Team Buy In


• Mapping out the full spectrum of prefab opportunities for biopharma facilities and the conditions under which each makes most sense
• Ensuring each team member approaches the project with an open mind to determine the feasibility for prefabrication and maximize potential savings
• Harnessing client priorities, industry metrics and success stories to create a compelling business case to pursue prefabrication and modular: What are the key drivers for each stakeholder?

12:50 pm Onboarding Specialty Partners & Manufacturers Earlier to Achieve More Ambitious Prefabrication


• Underlining the importance of onboarding vendors and trades early to inform DfMA, reduce redesign and improve cost certainty
• Understanding the right questions to ask potential project partners to fully understand their capabilities and select the best team for your project
• Reviewing alternative procurement methods that can help facilitate prefabrication and how clients have begun exploring these more collaborative teams and transform supply chain integration
• Ensuring team collaboration from day one to create a more integrated supply chain and better mitigate risk across the project


1:30 pm Panel: Securing the Optimum Balance Between Standardization & Customization to Design With Modular & Lifecycle Adaptability in Mind

  • Carrier Li Director , Amgen
  • Craig Johnson Vice President – Global Engineering & Facilities, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Dave Hirschbuehler Principal & S&T Market Leader, Lamar Johnson Collaborative
  • Tom Piombino Vice President & Biotechnology/CGT Process Architect , IPS – Integrated Project Services


• Highlighting the importance of standardization and early design decision-making to optimize supply chain efficiencies: How can this be balanced with the desire for customization from clients and designers?
• Involving facilities and engineering teams earlier in design to understand potential future use of the facility and ensure teams design with flexibility in mind
• Revealing the key principles required for architects to design modularly and facilitate future lifecycle flexibility

2:10 pm Break & Speed Networking

2:40 pm Optimizing Integrated Design Workflows With All Project Partners to Accelerate Production & Control Costs


• Understanding which partners must be in the room, when, to inform more detailed fabrication level design and ensure every aspect of the project has been considered upfront
• Building trust with all project partners to work in a collaborative design environment: What are the critical changes in mindset, workflows, and information transfer that must take place for success with offsite construction?
• Harnessing advanced BIM coordination to reduce potential gaps in scope, optimize configuration and streamline information transfer from design to construction

3:20 pm Case Study: Harnessing the Power of Data, Technology & Advanced Manufacturing Approaches With an Evidence-Based ‘Business Requirement to Asset Handover’ Methodology to Deliver Agile, Flexible Facilities


• Using advanced data capture and visualization tools to engage and involve the broadest range of stakeholders in design
• Discovering how stress testing multiple scenarios through rapid iteration can create highly optimized designs with future operation agility in mind
• Drawing on advanced manufacturing techniques to create a ‘kit of parts’ that can be used to rapidly deliver multiple assets in a range of global markets with up to 30% reduction in capital cost and 60% reduction in schedule
• Using small numbers of highly productive operatives during delivery to reduce labor cost by up to 75%

4:00 pm Improving Accuracy of Estimates When Incorporating Modular & Prefabricated Components

  • Tom Piombino Vice President & Biotechnology/CGT Process Architect , IPS – Integrated Project Services


• Integrating cost analysis earlier in design to ensure maximum cost efficiencies are realized and complex investments are managed
• Understanding the level of detail required in bid and tender documents to inform accuracy of estimates and reduce bidding variability: What is often omitted and how can trades and manufacturers work with clients to fill in the gaps?
• Building a matrix to leverage historical data to inform accurate bids and estimates for prefabricated components

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm End of Conference Day One