Conference Day Three

* Please note that the following agenda timings are Eastern Time.  

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Day Three

Thursday April 1, 2021

11:30 am Coffee & Networking

12:00 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

12:10 pm Working With Regulatory Agencies to Streamline Validation & Commissioning Processes


• Ensuring clarity of expectations of clients and relevant bodies over validation and commissioning requirements for offsite components upfront to mitigate potential delays and costly mistakes in the latter phases of the project
• Educating regulatory bodies on revised workflows for prefabrication to ensure alignment in testing schedules and clarify specific regulatory requirements that must be planned for: How does this change when transporting modules from overseas?
• Organizing data collection throughout the project to ease the approval process and prevent an increased workload later on

12:50 pm Case Study: Lessons Learned in Validation to Streamline Workflows & Accelerate Project Completion

  • Dennis Savat Vice President – Commercial Construction, Icon Mechanical


• Reviewing how the team revised traditional quality processes to accommodate the complexity of validation of prefab and modular components and helped reduce delays in overall project commissioning
• Revealing the challenges and lessons learned on the project and how these will inform future improvements to streamlining validation and commissioning
• Assessing emerging tools, materials and approaches that will ease the validation process and guarantee greater compliance with regulatory bodies

1:30 pm Break & Speed Networking

2:10 pm Overcoming Curveballs in the Shipping & Assembly Process to Improve Installation Efficiencies

  • Charlie Dunn Director of Visual Planning & Construction Technology, DPR Construction


• Keeping delivery schedules up to date in real time to improve transparency and coordination with field teams
• Designing with shipping and assembly in mind to ease protection and transportation of large prefabricated assemblies
• Benchmarking the most practical methods of transporting modules and prefabricated components to minimize damage, ensure waterproofing and keep to schedule
• Applying the fundamental principles of the oil and gas, and nuclear industries to biopharma facilities to use 4D technology to virtually assemble modules and test assumptions


2:50 pm Panel: Exploring the Future of Prefabrication for Biopharma Facilities: Trends, Technology & Supply Chain Agility

  • Dave Watrous Vice President of Strategic Development, Fluor
  • Tim Tench Vice President - Life Sciences, MAPP
  • Craig Johnson Vice President – Global Engineering & Facilities, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Jim Murphy Preconstruction Executive, Truebeck Construction
  • Vladislav Grishaev Construction Technology Project Manager, XL Construction


• Discussing the current trajectory for the adoption of modular construction and assessing what needs to be done to accelerate this in line with evolving client priorities
• Adopting advanced technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence for speed to market and to inform strategic business decisions
• Investigating the current challenges associated with supply chain agility: How can the industry evolve to meet increased demands, overcome regulatory obstacles and optimize standardized products?

3:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:40 pm End of Conference Day Three